Table of Contents
Basic Macros, functions and data structures
Binary heaps -- efficient data structure for priority heaps.
Extended binary heaps -- efficient data structure for priority heaps allowing removal of elements.
First In First Out heaps -- 
Vectors and matrices -- simple operations on vectors and matrices.
Simple statistics -- a basic structure for computing min, max, average and variance.
Miscellaneous macros and functions -- Various utilities.
Geometrical Object Hierarchy
Object class -- parent class for all GTS objects.
Container classes -- 
Containee classes -- 
Points -- point object and related functions.
Vertices -- vertex object and related functions.
Segments -- segment object and related functions.
Edges -- edge object and related functions.
Triangles -- triangle object and related functions.
Faces -- face object and related functions.
Surfaces -- surface object and related functions.
Geometrical data structures
Kd-Trees -- an efficient way of doing point location queries.
Bounding boxes trees -- implementation of axis-aligned bounding-box trees.
Surface operations
Boolean operations -- set operations between surfaces: union, intersection, difference.
Surface simplification and refinement -- reducing or increasing the number of edges of a triangulated surface.
Out-of-core simplification -- objects for simplification based on vertex clustering.
Isosurfaces from 3D functions -- computing triangulated isosurfaces of a given function f(x,y,z).
Delaunay and constrained Delaunay triangulations -- implementation of a dynamic Delaunay triangulation algorithm.
Differential geometry operators -- 
Progressive and Hierarchical surfaces
Vertex split -- object encoding a reversible edge-collapse operation.
Progressive surfaces -- continuous level-of-detail for surfaces.
Hierarchical vertex split -- hierarchical extension of the vertex split.
Hierarchical surfaces -- extension of progressive surfaces allowing arbitrary sequences of vertex split or collapse.
Graph and operations on graphs
Graph class -- 
Weighted graph -- 
Progressive graph -- 
Graph partitioning --